Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wherein, I was almost killed..

After days of rain, today became cool and sunny around noon.  I decided to go for a ride out at Little Big Econ.  Great ride, I did two loops and rode for about 2.5 hours.  I stopped for a moment and talked to some dude who spent lots of money on his bike - and he tried very hard to make sure I knew it.  The conversation started with the normal "So how do you like that 29er?" and basically ended with him telling me how much better everything about his bike was. He scoffed when I said my bike was 29lbs or so.. "Well mine, is full suspension and weighs in at less than 25" then he expounded on how Fox forks are the way to go.  Judging by the fact that it was made of titanium, and a 'luxury' bike brand - Im going to fathom a guess that it cost him about a grand per lb. that it was less than mine. (That and he mentioned how much it cost him) Basically I got the feeling of being 'talked down to' the entire time.

Anyway, on to the part which this post is about.. As I said, it was gorgous out.  So - I just went out for a bite to eat down near UCF - and rode the motorcycle.  Its funny, just when I was getting on the bike to ride back home thoughts flashed through my mind like.. "People think I'm crazy for riding this - but I am an excellent rider" or "Its getting dark, some idiot is going to pull out in front of me"

Well.  That is what happened.  I was going down Dean road(which is a nice ride) going about 50 where the marked speed limit is 45.  Okay, so I was speeding, a little.  Some dude pulls RIGHT out in front of me.  Thank god, when I ride I watch every entrance and every road for idiots who are pulling out.  I looked and was thinking "Is this idiot going to pull out?" and I already had my hand on the brake, and my foot on the rear brake.   I downshifted twice, pulled the front, and pressed the rear brake - a little too hard.  The familiar high pitched squeeeeek of the rear end getting loose, and the slight fishtailing feeling was scary as hell.  Thank goodness, I slowed down in time - practically coming to a stop behind the guy. 45 mile an hour limit - he didnt go over 30 until the next turn.  The driver of the car in front of me was absolutely oblivious.

Guess what?  That driver must have been 70.  Im not 'agist' against people who are getting up in years.  However, I do believe that once someone reaches 65 years old they must have an extensive driver examination EVERY year.  If I was not as alert, or 'skilled' rider as I am - I would either be a) under that car or b) flying over it.  Why? because the guy was absolutely oblivious to everything going on around him.  How do I know this?  I rode up next to him and WAVED. "Hey stupid! Wake up!" he didn't even look over.

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