Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Big Time Suckage...

I rode the motorcycle to work yesterday - which I havent been doing much lately.  The weather was gorgeous, and since 50mpg is better than 20mpg, frugality ruled the day.  Unfortunately at 5:30 when I went to leave I had a flat rear tire. Not a little flat - but totally flat. I could see the silver nailhead embedded nice and deep.  Boo!  Since I dont carry a pump and a rubber flat fixie thing I had to go get a flat fixer from Autozone.

Luckily, Autozone is only a block away. I picked up the needletool with plugs and went back to the bike.  Not having any needlenose pliars with me, I had to pick those up as well.  I must have tried pulling the nail out for 5 minutes without success.  So, I got pissed and just pushed on the nail and it pushed right through revealing a nice sized hole in the tire.  The rear is newish, and replacing the damn thing would be close to 180 bucks installed.

Theres a funny picture i found on teh interwebs.. but this is basically what I did.  And it worked!  I rode slowly over to the Mobil station and pumped up the tire to 38psi or so and was able to make it home and cut the remainder of the plug from dangling out of the hole. Before leaving I had some dinner and a delicious chocolate chip cookie from Whole Foods with Kim. I couldn't even tell the cookie was vegan!  There was a party in my tummy.. so yummy.. so yummy!

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