Friday, November 6, 2009

Time ATAC Alium Pedals

I got my pedals today from UPS. I love goodie boxes.


Installing pedals is not very tricky. One thing you have to remember is that the 'righty tighty' rule does not really apply except for on the right side of the bike. Here is how it works:

Standing on the right side of the bike, you tighten the pedal by turning right, and loosen by turning left.

Standing on the left side of the bike, you tighten the pedal by turning left, and loosen by turning right.

Pretty simple. So I took my pedal wrench (15mm) and snatched off the left pedal. (By turning right) Here is a picture after taking the pedal off. May be a confusing picture considering the other bike right behind this one. hah.

Viola - Pedal is gone. Now, take the left hand pedal and coat it with grease. You will know this is the left hand pedal because the threads slope up to the left.

Check out the threads. So I just used my fingers to tighten the pedals on all the way. You dont really need to use a tool to tighten pedals since the pedaling action itself will tighten them. Thats why the threads are the way they are.

Yay.. real pedals! Now, obviously you have to install the cleats. The cleats are brass and are also labeled with an arrow for the 'front' of the cleat and a L or R. Obviously, stick the R on the right foot, and L on the left. Easy as pie.

These screw to the metal plate on the inside of your shoe. You need to reach inside the shoe and hold the plate in place. Unless, of course, your shoes are old like mine and are basically stuck in place. After attaching the cleat to the plate you can move it up or down to change where your foot sits on the pedal. It may take some trial and error to feel best, or what makes your knees happiest.

These pedals are really awesome. I used them many years ago, and they are as I remember: very easy to clip in and out of, but hold nicely. They provide a bit of a platform, so you dont feel like pedaling on ice. I tried eggbeaters and just couldnt deal with the weird disconnected floaty feeling I got. After a short ride around the neighborhood I can tell you, this bike is very smooth. One thing I do need to do though is add more air to the shock. Tomorrow is the first test on dirt. To be sure, I will fall over because I cant unclip from the pedals at one point or another.

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