Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Shopping Day.

Here's to a day of spending far too much money on those you love. By the way, its friggin cold outside for Florida - a low low 55 degrees! Hey, it feels cold. The lowest it has been during the day since LAST 'winter' has been around 70. You people from up north probably want to punch me in the face. Hey, whatever, I am wearing long sleeves today. At least it is sunny, clear and beautiful outside. It rained for a couple of days straight and I have been unable to get out for a bike ride this week at all - and today I am sitting at work. Boo-urns! Well, there is the three day weekend to look forward to - lets hope it doesnt snow! ha.

I am keeping this short and sweet since I am at work and all.  It is, however, a very empty office today. The closer to the end of the year it gets, the fewer people roam these halls. There is a lot of work to do, but after yesterday's food-binge, work is the very last thing on my mind. 

Enjoy your shopping, and don't fight with the teens over the last sparkly Edward 'Twilight' doll at Walmart today.

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