Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I took a few months off from writing this thing.  I sort of let it drift away for a couple of weeks and, then just forgot about the whole thing.  Kinda stupid of me.  However, there are a thousand blogs that say the same dumb stuff.  Do I have anything new and interesting to say? Not really. Lots has happened since my last post. 

I have been road riding a lot more, actually competed in a sprint triathlon last month (and did terribly). Ill talk about the triathlon for just a minute.  I trained for about 4 weeks for this thing. This was probably not the smartest of ideas, since I could just barely complete 500meters swim continuously by the time the triathlon came around.

The swim was absolutely horrible, and it totally winded me.  My first transition took almost 5 minutes because I was trying to catch my breath and took my sweet-ass time getting ready.  Of course the ride was my strongest leg - I averaged about 19 miles an hour. Unfortunately, I got tagged with a 2 minute penalty for 'drafting' which is a complete crock.  I'm sure of where the ref got me, too.  There was a big group of riders all riding in a pack going around 16 (since i was slow as  hell on my swim, I had to pass about a million slow-pokes on the bike) and I went around them.  I guess I didn't go around far enough?  Anyway - after realizing I probably got written up for a penalty (near the end of the ride) I pretty much gave up the ghost.  I just jogged around the 3 mile course at a ridiculously slow 11min/mile pace.  Whatever. I finished it.  After the run I felt absolutely fine.  I guess I am used to a lot more than an hour and a half workout/race, and in retrospect it was alot of fun. I just better work on my swimming and running if I want to do another.

Speaking of races.  The 8 hour MTB race in San Felasco is coming up - and I wont be participating.  Its just god-awful hot, and Ive only been riding 70 or so miles a week.  I also tweaked my back, and that put me out for the last 5 days.  Last week I rode a measly 10 miles before I just had to call it off. Trying to mtb with back/neck pain is freaking impossible. 

Anyway, I have pics from the tri that I will post eventually.