Friday, January 8, 2010

New gloves for cool weather

It is supposed to be absolutely freezing (literally) this weekend.  So, I moseyed on down to Orange Cycle and picked up some Specialized Deflect gloves.

Ooo fancy.  I was going to get some Pearl Izumi Cyclone gloves, but there were none in stock.  However, these are very comfortable, although have a little less palm padding than I like.  I rode them shortly last night in about 50 degrees for an hour, and my hands were warm enough to sweat.  I am hoping this means that this weekend at about 30 degrees my hands wont freeze.  It was actually very comfortable at that temperature in only bibs, arm and leg warmers, underarmour 'cold gear' long sleeve, and a short sleeve jersey.  For anything under 45 Im thinking I need a windbreaker of some sort.  That may be a purchase for today somewhere like Target.  I just dont see the point in purchasing a 'special bicycle' windbreaker for quadruple the price.


  1. Cool, the new deflects look good. I have some from last season. They are much better fitting and actually a bit warmer than my PI thermal gloves. Post up your post ride opinion of the new model, if you don't mind.

    The biggest thing to note on cycling specific clothing and jackets is that they are cut for cycling body position. I use Starter and Champion jerseys in the summer, but they are a bit short in the riding position. If tucked in they come untucked far easier than my riding jerseys. For $5-20ea vs. $35+ for cycle jerseys I don't complain. Windbreakers are worse since they don't flex much.

  2. I'll slide a ride report on the gloves up today. I havent really had a chance to ride them much in the cold - but I think I have been able to form an opinion.